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Metody (OC)

Canon: This is an original character with an original universe.

Age: somewhere in his 30s; Metody has spent much of his adulthood wandering from world to world, some of them with strangely arranged time flows. The longer he lives, the harder it becomes to calculate his age.

Powers: Metody is a supernatural creature that has learned how to travel between worlds. His powers center around bones - shaping, animating, healing and otherwise manipulating them. His mass consists of two main parts: a very large amount of bone, and a human-appearing body, which handles nearly all of his social interaction. He is able to separate himself into many independently operating parts, and claims that each one has its own sub-mind.

As for what he actually is, Metody can't tell you. His mind is a vast, empty wasteland, dead and sterile except for a flickering veneer of remnant thought, and it is impossible to detect whether or not he has a soul. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to read his mind. Even an experienced and powerful psychic will only be able to pick up on surface mood and faint, confusing thoughts. ((OOC: If you wish your character to read Metody's mind, PM me first.))

Metody's human body was involved in a bad car crash in his teens, and died en route to the hospital. This made him Unfortunate - he is immune to efforts to change his luck for good or ill, and his fortune cannot be read. He does not show up in divination, except as a blank space. Metody has been exposed to a great deal of magic, and spent ten years in a manufacturing dystopia filled with polluted magics, and so his body reacts in idiosyncratic ways to spells. ((OOC: Same as with mind reading. If you want to do magic on Metody, PM me first.))

He can be summoned, but only by accident; the only critical ingredient to the summoning is that no one involved in any way wishes him to be called.

Metody has a powerful drive to wander, and is eternally moving from world to world, taking advantage of differing flows of time. He spends very little time in his native world, where non humans are considered dangerous monsters. Although he lives in a great many places, the place he calls home is a modern-day version of New York City in a world of mutants and heroes.

Metody's gender is physically fluid; he switches between male and female. He doesn't particularly care which pronoun is used, so long as it stays consistent over the course of a conversation.

Appearance: Metody's human body is a slight humanoid with a delicate bone structure. At times, he is crowned with a ring of delicate antlers, none any larger than his hand. He has an unfortunate taste for garish clothing.

mun and character are both over the age of 18. This is a role play character...and if you read this far without figuring that out, you are a scary, scary person.
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